Finishing Touches Restorations specialists in mid 20th century design.

Finishing Touches Restorations store: 158 Regent St, Redfern NSW Australia.  Alan & Linda Graham

We buy, sell, hire and restore. 

We offer well-known brand names such as; Parker, Chiswell, FLER, T.H. Brown, Parker Knoll, Paul Kafka, Hans Wegner, Eero Saarinen, Hojbjorg, Hundervad, Mobelfabrik, Don Rex, Danish Deluxe, Summertone, Gainsborough, Noblett, Grant Featherston and Eames, as well as pieces by other designers sourced from all over the world. Retro is often the word people use when looking for this kind of furniture.

Each piece has been restored by a professional restorer (with over 35 years’ experience) using traditional techniques in a manner which best suits the piece, using quality of materials and finishes that are second to none. Loose joints are dismantled and washed prior to regluing for maximum adhesion. All the webbing on our chairs and sofas are replaced no matter how new it may appear to be. All work is done at our workshop in Redfern. Many of our pieces are sold before even reaching the floor. We also have a range of furniture not yet on the floor that can be restored just for you in your choice of fabric, colour and finish.

Our complete restoration service includes; stripping, staining and finishing, all of which are done by hand, as well as making any necessary repairs. We also offer a top quality upholstery service and an interior decorating consultancy service - Consultant advice on all aspects of woodwork including, architraves, doors & staircases on Victorian & Federation buildings.

Established in 1980, we are a family owned and operated business and have been at this location since 1997. We also have another shop, which 30m up the road from us - Graham & Graham Design is owned by our eldest son, Matthew.